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At Best Price Lasik, we believe that our customers should have the best treatment and customer service available. As part of that mission, we customize your vision correction plan to suit your individual needs. Using our vision correction expertise, we have improved over 10,000 eyes in just over 10 years. We look forward to having the opportunity to give you the perfect vision you've always wanted.

When you come to our Las Vegas or Reno Lasik center, you will receive affordable excellence. We don't just offer medical service, we provide complete customer service!

The Best Price for Your Lasik Treatment

We customize the procedure, the laser and the post-procedure treatments to suit your needs–and your budget. Using the latest technology, we offer multiple types of services, laser options and treatment plans. Our variety of options allow you to receive the perfect treatment style for your particular needs and situation.

The procedures we offer include:

We want each of our clients to have their individual vision needs addressed - that's why we offer free consultations. In our consultations, we will discuss with you your vision goals and how we can bring you as close as possible to your ideal eyesight. We also offer a dry eye plan and an assurance plan which can be added in to your entire treatment plan, making it extremely effective and beneficial. For more information or to schedule your free consultation, please contact us at the location nearest you.

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